Santa Rosa Treatment Center Services

Drug Addiction

The Santa Rosa Treatment Center offers the highest level of drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Substance abuse requires specific and ongoing care, and the team at the Santa Rosa Treatment Center is ready to help, no matter the type of drug. Our medical and counseling professionals understand that each case of addiction is specific to the drug and the patient. We will attack your addiction, or the addition of someone you love, with the best treatment in order to achieve a lasting recovery.

The effects of methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, prescription painkillers, alcohol and other substances cannot be treated with similar approaches. Alcohol addiction is a complicated disease that affects everyone afflicted in a different way. The highly motivated Santa Rosa Treatment Center staff is trained in the latest in addiction science and has years of experience allowing us to individualize care for every person's need.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a complicated disease. The highly motivated staff at the Santa Rosa Treatment Center takes each person's alcohol dependence on an individual level. The dependence on alcohol can cause chemical changes in the brain that require medical and counseling treatment.

Our team examines each patient to determine the best course of action for alcohol abuse. From cutting-edge medical treatment to specialized detox to the latest in proven individual and group counseling techniques, you can rest assured that the Santa Rosa Treatment Center team will put forward only the best methods for your addiction or that of your loved one.

Duel Addictions

The Santa Rosa Treatment Center understands the power that combined drugs and alcohol can have over you. These difficult addictions call for intense and individualized treatment. The Santa Rosa Treatment Center works with each individual and their loved ones to systematically address a simultaneous drug and alcohol addiction to best facilitate recovery.

Regardless of the combination of substances, the Santa Rosa Treatment Center looks to every patient to provide a specific course of action for their addiction. Our staff believes that every individual deserves only the best drug and alcohol treatment. We guarantee that you, or the person you care about, will receive the highest quality treatment in order to overcome addiction.